Monday, October 4, 2010

The Dawning

 It was written in some lost Inca prophecy that in the darkest abyss of Cleveland sports misery, a blog run by college kids would offer an oasis for the city's eternally battered fans. I'm sure you expected that level of quasi-sophisticated prose from a sports blog named after a double entendre, and that's content includes philosophically contemplating significant questions, such as, if pitted against one another, which former Cleveland athlete would eat more KFC Double Downs, Ted Washington or Bob Wickman? Welcome to the Steamer. Our goal on this blog is to offer insight, humor, and analysis that refrain from the mindless blabbering of sports talk radio. Additionally, we hope to offer our readers an alternative to the puff pieces that are all too common in the national sports circuit, which stand to advance the agendas of corporate and media powers. In a town that's only accustomed to stages of mass suffering, this blog will try to explain the basic question, why do we come back for more? Our writing staff will be crafting columns not based on "insider" sources, but will instead attempt to detail the experience of what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan in an authentic manner. We will be joined by special guest writers in the coming days, and from everyone here at the Steamer, I thank you for checking out our blog and hope you'll be checking in regularly.


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