Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Woeful Network

  It looks as though Cleveland fans won’t have to suffer through watching this NBA season, because ESPN has already crowned the Miami Heat NBA Champions after Tuesday night’s highly impressive preseason victory. How could anyone disagree with ESPN on this one? I mean did you see the way Riley’s angels destroyed the dynamic trio of T-Mac, Ben Gordon, and Charlie V for an entire half? Plus they only had Dwayne Wade for 3 minutes!
  Wait, Tuesday night wasn’t game seven of the NBA finals? The Miami Heat aren’t the NBA champions? I have to admit, ESPN really fooled me. Their media attention was equivalent to the attention that they gave to the NBA finals last year. For God’s sake, they led off SportsCenter with this game, with the NFL in full swing, and the Major League Playoffs just about to start. Marv freaking Albert was the play by play guy on a preseason game? Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with this? The game was absolutely meaningless. Every preseason NBA game is meaningless.
  Watching ESPN’s NBA crew be on site of a preseason game is nothing more than an extension of “The Decision”.One would think that ESPN would learn from their mistake of that idiotic program this summer, but it looks as though they want that to become the norm. It is not about the game anymore. There always has to be a storyline. There has to be 47 talking heads telling us what we should take from the game. What the hell happened to showing us the highlights and telling us who won? Why do we have to watch Jalen Rose try to formulate a logical sentence about the implications of Dwayne Wade pulling a hamstring 3 weeks before the season starts? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to preseason basketball, a 15 second highlight clip and a box score at the end of SportsCenter will do just fine for me.
  The worst part about the debacle that was Sportscenter last night was its blatant kick in the nuts to Cavs fans. It was just a reminder of how much fun the last seven years were watching Lebron play, and how it all came down in a blinding flurry thanks to ESPN’s ridiculous media coverage. I just wish that it was Josh Elliot or Jalen Rose that was the recipient of that T.J. Ward hit on Sunday and not Jordan Shipley.
  But hey, I’ll get over it. I mean the Cavs won Tuesday night. After the win, I couldn’t wait to get around to reading the PD and see the Cavs on the front cover. I was certain that  there would be a full page picture of Boobie Gibson running into J.J.’s arms with a caption to the liking of “We Did It!”. There was little doubt in my mind that there had to be 4 different columnists giving their opinion on the victory Tuesday night right? I mean after all we did beat the Bobcats in our first preseason game. Oh, this sounds ridiculous? Not in ESPN’s world…


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