Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The LeBron Podcast Part I: Windhorst

     There was no way to avoid this one. A Cleveland sports blog in 2010 could not have it's grand premiere podcast extravaganza be centered around any other topic but LeBron James, other wise known as Mephistopheles with a jump shot. Even though it's been over three months since his nationally televised steamer, the man who went from Mr. Ohio to Mr. Twitter is still the most potent topic for conversation in Cleveland sports circles. So in order to still wrangle over the issues, and the questions and emotional baggage that comes with it, we here at The Steamer interviewed two highly qualified guests on the topic,'s Brian Windhorst, and Esquire Magazine's Scott Raab.
After Brian Windhorst left The Plain Dealer to work for, he received his share of unfettered anger from a certain section of Cavs fans. Unlike a certain someone, Windhorst went on two regional talk shows, and listened as callers took shots at his journalistic objectivity and sense of ethics. Even if you're upset over him leaving, give the man his props for having the stones and emotional security to allow a bunch of raging white dudes to sling their shit at him. Brian's approach towards covering the NBA has always been analytical without being editorial, and informative without being tedious, and I'm sure he'll continue to produce quality pieces throughout his career. So here is Part I of the LeBron Summit with Mr. Windhorst. Enjoy.


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